Monday, May 10, 2010


Ok so Dominick is now 8 months old O.M.G. where has time gone?!? He loves dancing. He loves music and when he hears a good song he starts bouncing and if he really loves the song he even puts his hands up and wiggles. It is the cutest thing ever. The boy loves music. He is also waiving hi and bye he has 2 different waives one is opening and closing his hand and the other is moving his entire arm up and down. Dominick is not crawling yet but getting really close to it. He sits and then leans really far forward getting one leg into crawling position and the other one still in the sitting position and then inches forward a little (sometimes backwards) and then sits again. He also is pulling himself up to standing and kneeling. He takes a few baby steps sometimes. He really loves to stand. The kid definately knows how to get wherever he wants to go. His new favorite toy is the TV trays. He loves them!!!! So those are Dom's new tricks! I can't believe our baby is growing up so fast. I remember and miss the days where he was so tiny and you had to hold him so carefully and now when you hold him you have to use every muscle in your body to control this maniac because he wants to touch everything and throw himself everywhere. My how things change.


  1. That's beautiful friend. =]

  2. He may not crawl and just walk... My sister did that!