Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DOC Band update

Ok so today we had another appointment that went really well. The clinician said that next week will be his exit appointment :) Now there are 2 things that can happen. Dominick will either be done with his treatment on May 26th or we will have his exit appointment and last adjustment on May 26 and he will continue to wear the helment for another 2 weeks and then he will be done but without having to go back to Cranial Technologies. Either way YAY!!! Go Dominick for having an amazing response to the treatment and great growth during these past 8 weeks :) The clinician did come in after he did the adjustment to the helmet and said that these past 2 weeks Dom did not have much growth and that if next appointment (in 2 weeks) he hasn't had much growth that is it we are done. He said that his ears are back in alignment and that there is still a little asymmetry in the back of the head toward the side that was really flat but that that is pretty normal and might not ever fix. His head shape looks absolutely amazing. I am so happy with the results. At the exit appointment they will do measurements and photos and another scan of the head and we will have the before and after of all of that. Hopefully I will be able to find a way to upload that information on here so everyone can see the amazing results.

P.S. We changed the look of Dom's helmet. The paint was peeling really bad so we took it off and put stickers on it. I think I love this more than the Marlin's mural we did and it was much cheaper :) I will hopefully be able to post pics of it tomorrow. So if you have the DOC Band and were thinking of painting it DON'T DO IT!!!! Stickers work so much better!!!!


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