Friday, May 14, 2010

Cupcake Friday

Welcome to Cupcake Friday!  I am starting out a new thing here and hopefully I will have something to post on this every Friday.  I am walking during lunch with Laurie everyday.  If I walk at least 4 times a week I get to treat myself to a cupcake from Clarebelle's Cupcakes YUMMY.  She has some really cool stuff there and I love sweets but I have to be good all week to get one.  My first intention was to buy 1 cupcake and review it each week but today Lisa came with us for my first experience.  She bought 1/2 a dozen mini cupcake in assorted flavors.  I jumped aboard and bought 1/2 a dozen as well.  BAD IDEA! I have almost eaten them ALL.  So now that kinda defeats the purpose of walking huh?!?  Here is my review of the 3 cupcake I have eaten already...

It was pretty yummy.  I love marble everything.  Now Clarabelle's is apparently made without milk not sure I need to go in there next week and ask some questions as to this.  The flavor was great.  The texture seemed a little weird and Lisa and I opined that it must be the lack of dairy. 

Rocky Road
This one was better than the last.  I love marshmellows and chocolate!  It was really good.  It was small and had icing on top with a marshmellow, nuts and a chocolate chip.  YUMMY!!!

This was OMG I think I am in love!  It was not a cupcake though.  It was some gooey yummy graham crakers, gooey marshmellow stuff and chocolate.  HOLY CRAP I THINK I WANT MORE!  I will be buying this every Friday to go along with whatever flavors of cupcakes she has but this is a must have!


  1. stopping by from the d-listed blog hop! Cupcakes are a great reward!

  2. Blog Party! Your dogs are so cute! I'm partial to your pit (?)

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