About Me

My husband and I met in 2002 at a club on South Beach. That night I was out with a girlfriend enjoying some of the last times we would be partying together as she was getting ready to head off to college. We started dating several weeks later as he was a "promoter" for that club and my friend and I really enjoyed that club. After several months of us dating "we" more like "I" got a dog named Dior (the crazy Yorkie). I took her everywhere with me until my "little yorkie" turned out to be a) 15+ pounds and b) a terrorist (not a terrior). Dior and I would go stay over at Mike's house on the weekends and travel back and forth on week days to go visit "Daddy". In October 2004 Mike took me to PF Changs (love it!) and proposed to me. He had the staff put the engagement ring inside the fortune cookie. Now I am not one for public attention and well when they brought out the fortune cookies the entire restaurant was looking at us along with the entire staff standing around the table (embarassing) thank god I said YES!!!! We got married in February 2006 and a few months later got our next dog Auto (really crazy Staffordshire Bull Terrier). After a slight battle with infertility I had a positive pregnancy test in January 2009. On September 7, 2009 we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Dominick. He has brought so much joy to our life. I love being a mother more than I could ever imagine. Welcome to our hectic family!