Friday, May 14, 2010

Twitter Tat Tour


I got my first tattoo just before my 18th birthday.  I was going through a bit of a bad girl phase in my life and had to get one before I was 18 just to prove a point.  I had wanted a tattoo for a long time and always thought I would get a cross with my name under it.  Somehow I showed up at the parlor and ended up leaving with a tribal butterfly.  I think part of me knew how pissed my mom would be and thought well she loves butterflies she can't be too mad at me.  NOT she was sooooo pissed!!!  This tattoo is on the lower part of my back and really isn't too big.  Yes I have a Tramp Stamp.  LOL. 

(Sorry the picture is a little blurry)

Next... I went back like a month later because yes people tattoos are addicting (at least for me they are).  I wanted another one soooo bad.  I got a Chinese symbol for heaven on the top of my foot.  Now the first tattoo did not really hurt (and if you know me I have 0 pain tolerance).  I told them I wanted something small and on the top of my foot.  The tattoo guy (he also did my previous tattoo) looked at me like I was crazy.  I asked "Is it going to hurt"  His response nope!  If the last one didn't this one wont.  His brother started laughing (not a good sign).  He said it was going to hurt A LOT (and that was a major understatement).  So why did I choose heaven...  well I believe in God and that people go to heaven and I felt that I should not regret having heaven on my body.  I do not regret it and as the years have passed and I have lost someone very close to me it actually has gained a lot more meaning.

My last tattoo has the most meaning to me.  I got this one several years later.  I actually did it in Key West when I was on a Bachelorette party for my cousin.  We all decided we were going to go get tattoos and nope only me and one other girl ended up doing it.  I didn't really want another Chinese symbol and I didn't want it on my hip but I am very happy with it and it's location.  I wanted something either on the back of my neck or my wrist.  My cousin was getting married a couple of weeks later and we were going to be wearing our hair up and I decided that would probably really upset my mother and my grandmother (they are not fans of tattoos at ALL).  My mother gets so upset every time I talk about them or she seems them but this is who I am and I love them!  So the meaning behind this one.  It stands for eternity.  I had just lost my grandfather who I was extremely close to and I feel like he will be forever with me (hint eternity).  Now I choose this symbol because I told the tattoo guy (not the same as my last two) that I wanted it written out and small.  He did not agree.  He said that the letters would kind of bleed together and I probably wouldn't be happy with it.  I was upset!  I wanted this soo bad.  So I stood there just looking around to see if anything else would come to mind and was looking around with the other girls at stuff they were thinking of.  I found my next tattoo.  It looks like a K which is my first initial (Kacie).  That is it!!!! I already have a Chinese symbol so it goes with the theme or whatever and it's my initial and the meaning I wanted.

Now those are my three tattoos.  I would probably have more if it weren't for my husband and my mother not being big on the whole tattoo thing but I am getting one more in the future.  It will be my family tattoo.  It will represent me, my husband and my child.  It will be one that I can add to for any additional children I have.  I can't wait to find someone to draw it out for me! 

My hubbs had wanted a tattoo for a long time but could never really decide what we wanted.  After our amazing little boy was born he went to a Tattoo Expo and he got a tattoo that represents him and his son.  I think he is addicted now too.  He wants to add to this one and he wants more.  If you look at it closely you will see the Taurus bull head (my husband is a Taurus) and the little "m" in the middle is for our son (he is a Virgo).  It is also very cool because the "m" for the Virgo is also my hubbs initial (Michael).

So there are our tattoos. 


  1. Fun!! Thanks for participating! I love looking at all the fun stuff everyone has! I'm sad my husband didn't want to participate! He has such fun tattoos!

  2. Maybe you can convince him soon and do a post about it. I loved seeing all the great work out there. Thanks for stopping by ;)