Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DOC Band Adjustment

So today Dom had another adjustment for his helmet. I have not been for a while and I was able to take him this morning along with Nana. He has made some great progress in these past 5 1/2 weeks. They are estimating that we should be done with the helmet within the next 6 to 8 weeks which should only be another 2 or 3 visits YAY!!! They did still notice that Dom has a bit of a head tilt and we need to really get serious about his neck stretches. His rotation has gotten almost 100% better but still that slight head tilt GRRR. I am so happy with the results so far and can't wait to see the final results.

Now that we are moving into the really warm weather down here in South Florida the tech recommended that we watch Dom's skin a little more closely and remove the helmet to wipe down the helmet and his head due to the sweat.

We go down to the Keys a lot so having the helmet on Dom 23 hours out of the day is not as easy as we thought. We are still managing to keep it on him a good part of the time but since we can't put sunscreen on his head or have him in the water without washing his hair before putting the helmet back on it's a little more difficult than we thought. Hopefully these next 6 to 8 weeks fly.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Superhero Baby

Dom must think he is a superhero because lately he has been turning his bib around so that its on his back. Which totally defeats the purpose of him wearing it and no we are changing shirts constantly because the front of his shirt gets covered in drool. Oh child of mine!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Ok so here I am trying to get back on this weekend recap thing. I haven't been doing so well at it but like I said I am going to TRY!

Friday... Rushed home from work and got Dom fed and changed, dogs walked and fed and hubby and baby loaded up in the car and off to Johanna and JC's to help (I am not a very good helper by the way) get everything finished up for their baby shower on Saturday. Got home and put me, hubbs and baby all to bed!

Saturday... Dom slept in (loved it!) got up and got Dom fed and ready and me ready to head out to Johanna and JC's Baby Shower. Had fun took no pictures but thank you Julie for taking tons of pictures. Headed home for some rest.

Sunday... Dom and I were supposed to go to Daddy's baseball game but due to the yucky weather we did not. Instead we got ready and headed out with Nana and went shopping for Daddy's b-day (O.M.G. I did not buy Dom anything for the first time since I was pregnant)then went to visit with Grammy and headed to Flannigan's to pick up dinner to go. Nana, Dom and I went in and you have to order your To Go food at the bar. Manager dude "I'm sorry you can't have a baby at the bar" Me "You shouldn't have your To Go orders at the bar". The food was yummy though. It rained all day yesterday which we needed but totally sucks when you are out and about especially with a baby. Daddy's baseball game got cancelled by the way so I don't feel so bad for not attending.

This week is going to be crazy!!! Please keep my Grammy in your thoughts and prayers as she is having heart surgery tomorrow. I love you and wish you the best. Can't wait to see you tomorrow Grammy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So Dominick had 2 appointments this week and both went fantastic. The first appointment was with Dr. Koutouby the GI doctor. She said Dominick is doing great he weighs 17 pounds 8 ounces and 26 1/2 inches long. She wants us to try and start switching Dominick off of the Soy formula and on to the regular formula and if that goes well then we are going to try and start reducing the Prevacid. YAY!!!! Big changes coming your way baby :) Hopefully he tolerates everything well. Fingers crossed!

Next we had our appointment at Cranial Technologies for his helmet. The clinician was super happy with his progress. His ears are pretty much back in alignment and his head is rounding out really well. He told Daddy (who took him to the appointment) that he thinks for sure at 3 months he will be done if not maybe as early as 2 months he could be done. YAY!!!! Tomorrow Dominick will have been in the helmet for 4 weeks already. Time is going by so fast. We are both really happy with the decision we made to go ahead and do this treatment for him. The results so far are incredible. Time is flying and the progress is coming along so much better than I expected. The people staring are not that bad. But like my friend Laurie told me "Focus on your family not on other people" so when we are out I am not people watching as much so if there are stares I don't notice them as much. I focus on my crazy son who is now wanting to me in the middle of anything and everything. I have really only had one weird reaction to his helmet and other than that a really good reaction from a a guy passing us while we were at the County Fair who said his son just finished the treatment and it is so worth it and then a few people here and there that are just curious what it is but are very nice in their approach towards it. The kids that see him when we go places are usually the ones that ask a lot or talk about it to their parents but to me I don't mind the kids talking about it they are curious and KIDS that is what they do. It's actually pretty funny to hear how they think.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Fair

Ok so the picture totally sucks and you cant tell where we are :( I am so bad at taking pictures. So now on to the story.... Last night Dominick and I joined Nana and Grambo at "The Fair" it was actually Dominick's 2nd time there as we went last thursday with Daddy and some of my friends and family. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures that time (told you I was really bad). Well we don't go to the county fair for the rides anymore or should I say yet (for Dominick) I love to go and eat all the yummy food (which is not good for the diet that I am trying to be on), Nana goes to play games which Dominick is holding one of her 3 winnings. She is really good at the games. The dogs seemed a little disappointed when I was showing Daddy what Nana won for Dominick because Nana used to always give her winnigs to them. There is a new kid in town now pups and he is takin over! So back to our Fair trip. Last week it was so packed that we could barely move the stroller around without running into people this time it was so nice it was not crowded at all. Dominick seemed to really enjoy it both times because there are so many lights and all new different things for him to look at. We stayed out well past his bed time both times and he did end up falling asleep at the very end. He is such a trooper!