Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Results

Ok I know how ghetto is that... I took a picture of the pictures on my computer but I couldn't figure out how to upload them on to stupid Blogspot :(  So this is the only way I could get the photos up. 

I hope you guys can see them well enough to see the results.  The right column is the before and the left column is the after.  The first page, first photos I think I can tell the most difference.  The second page the bottom photos I also see a huge difference.  His head doesn't look as wide and his ears look much better.  Also the third page the bottom pictures I can tell a nice difference too.  His head has rounded out really nicely.  I am so sorry about my ghetto way of posting the results.  Hopefully I can figure this out soon and get it fixed. 


  1. It doesn't look bad at all--I could definitely tell what you were saying! I'm glad it's getting better & he's just so cute I can't stand it!

  2. Thanks for posting the pics...I definitely see a difference!

  3. My son (now two yrs old) had Plagio and we used Cranial Technology in Dallas, could'nt be happier with the outcome! It's nice to hear others stories about this, thanks for sharing.