Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No more Helmet!!!

Today was Dominick's Exit Appointment with Cranial Technologies.  He is officially done with his treatment NO MORE HELMET!!!  His head looks great.  We are very happy with the results.  They will be emailing me his before and after pictures and hopefully I will be able to get them loaded up here. 

We had such a great experience with the clinicians and the facility.  The time flew and we are so happy we decided to take the right move and get him the treatment he needed.  To be honest I am actually a little nervous about what is to come now that he doesn't have his helmet.  He uses his head for EVERYTHING!  I hope he adjusts fast and learns quickly that his head is no longer to be used for headbutting and making noise and helping to sit himself up. 


  1. That is wonderful news!! Congrats!

  2. Yay...congrats Dominick!!!! My daughter is scheduled for her appointment with the cranial docs on July 14th. I hope time flies for us as well if she needs to wear a helmet.