Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well I am going to try and do weekend recaps because 1) I would like to be able to look back and remember what all I have done with the family and 2) these next couple of months are CRAZY!!!!

Starting Friday... My Mom, Grammy, Aunt Trish (really my great aunt), Aunt Paula (same thing), Joyce and Shirly and Dominick and I went out to dinner at Bone Fish. It was so nice seeing everyone. It has been a while since I have seen Paula, Trish, Joyce and Shirly so it was very nice seeing them and Dominick meeting them. Dinner was very yummy and Dominick was pretty well behaved. It was actually our first attempt at taking Dominick to a restaurant not in the infant carrier. I am so upset that I didn't take pictures :( He sat in a high chair (with this protective thingy) and he did pretty good for about 30 minutes then he wanted to be held. We passed him around but when the food was starting to come out we put him back in the high chair which did not work. He was over the high chair experience. Thank goodness we were in my Mom's car because she still has the infant carrier in her car. So she quickly went out and grabbed it and we put him in there so we could enjoy our meal. Dinner was great but had a little bit of a hectic ending with Paula taking a fall.

Saturday... My Mom, Dominick and I went shopping. We are very dangerous when shopping together. We went down to an outlet mall in Homestead and bought lots of clothes for Dominick, had to do some birthday shopping for all the upcoming parties, and I need some new spring clothes since my old ones still don't fit :( Our first shopping outing was very rushed since we needed to be back home to take Grambo to sing in a wedding. We were not done shopping so after Grambo's singing we rushed down to pick up Dior (who got her haircut which now made a yorkie look like a Chihuahua) then dropped her and Grambo off. The three of us (Dominick, Mom and I) headed back down to the mall and did more damage. I was exhausted after all that shopping but made out with some pretty cute stuff. After that we headed home and called it a night.

Sunday a/k/a Crazy day.... As you can see from the post below we had Dominick's helmet painted Sunday morning/afternoon. Then once he was done painting it we rushed out to Elizabeth Marie's birthday party. The party was so cute. They had a petting zoo which Dominick got to pet a Lama and had his first Horse Ride. I hope to see pics posted soon since I didn't take any. After that party we rushed home and got Grambo and headed off to my families parties. We were celebrating Brooke, Ray, and Paul's birthdays and Jodi and Erika's confirmation. Mike had a baseball game up in Broward so he could not attend any of the above parties. He missed out on lots of fun.


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