Friday, March 19, 2010

Dominick's first day in his helmet

Well fingers crossed didn't work. I got a call from his daycare lady around 2:30 saying that he has been very grumpy and crying all day (which is so not like Dominick) but when she took it off for his redness check for about an hour he went back to wanting to play and being happy and now that the helmet is back on he is crying again. I feel horrible that I am at work and didn't even think to take the day off to be with my son so that I could be the one to monitor him and if he needed cheering up it would be me. So here I sit at work crying wishing I was with my son on his first helmet day. I hope this is just him getting used to wearing it because good lord help us all if we have to go through 23 hour days for the next couple of months dealing with a grumpy Dominick. I can't wait to run out of here and go get my little man. Good thing is at about 7 p.m. tonight off comes the helmet for bath time and sleep. Tonight he does not wear the helmet to sleep but starting tomorrow he has to wear it to sleep (wish us luck on the sleeping part). Maybe once he sees his helmet all nice and decorated he will like it more. Speaking of decorating... the day has come that he has his helmet and I still have no idea how I am going to decorate it. I am hopefully going to go to a place that I can have it wrapped tomorrow and will hopefully come up with something cool for it. Otherwise stickers here we come. By the way have I mentioned that I am not very crafty so this will be an interesting task if it comes to stickers and local family and friends I would like your help if you are up to the challenge.


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