Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dominick eating

Ok so finally I am posting a picture of Dominick eating his bananas. So far he did not like oatmeal too much, loved pears and likes bananas ok. Today we are moving on to peaches (can't wait to see how this goes). I am so proud of my baby. He is eating so well. Oatmeal was a mess as it was his first time eating but by the time he made it to his pears he was eating like a pro. He even understands the concept of food and silverware. The other night we were at my Grammy's house eating Chinese food (very yummy by the way) and I had Dominick sitting on the couch next to me and every time I would take a bite of my food he would start kicking his legs (I think to get my attention) and then would open his mouth like a little birdy for me to feed him (which I did not feed him Chinese food). It was the cutest thing. He had us cracking up. He is such a smart little guy now. It is crazy how time is flying and he is getting so big and such a personality.


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