Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well here is a little update on Dominick. Currently he has a horrible cold. Poor little guy has lots of buggies and a real deep cough. We are going to the pediatrician at 12:30 and then off to the head specialist at 3:30. Today is full of driving around town to the doctors. Anyway on to the good. Dominick is now reaching out to people to be held and if you are lucky you will get a big hug. Hopefully I can catch this on camera soon and post pictures. It is the cutest thing. He is also reaching out for anything in his reach i.e. remote controls, my phone, last night.... my food. He threw my sandwich on the floor and grabbed my plate to try and eat that (you got it wrong little buddy the food is what you want to eat!). He is also really enjoying the puppies now. He loves Dior because right now her hair is really long so he grabs and pulls her hair. Surprisingly she tolerates it pretty well. Auto he likes as well but since his hair is short he likes to grab his floppy cheeks or tries to eat Auto (yuck! what is it with you trying to eat everything non-edible). Hopefully I will get a chance to post either tonight or tomorrow about his doctors appointments. Wish us luck!


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