Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doctor Appointments - February 23, 2010

Ok so not so good news from either doctor appointments. Dominick has an ear infection in his left ear :( He is on antibiotics and hopefully this will clear up fast. I really hope he doesn't get them like I used to get them they were terrible for me.

Dr. Garri is the doctor he saw about his head. He has positional plagiocephaly which is the flat spot on the right side of his head. Well the good news is he doesn't need surgery WHAT!!! I didn't even know I should have been concerend about surgery. The bad news is... the doctor thinks it is severe enough that Dominick will need to wear a helmet. Dr. Garri thinks Dominick should only have to wear it for about 3 to 4 months and 23 hours out of the day. Hopefully time flies. Tomorrow we go see Cranial Tachnologies to get measurements, photos and discuss financial options for the helmet.


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