Monday, February 8, 2010

Doctor Visit on Friday February 5, 2010

Starting last Sunday Dominick had been having lots of poopy diapers a day which is not usual for him. I called the doctor on Tuesday to let them know what was going on and they told me everything sounded fine but to keep an eye on him and if anything got worse (i.e. fever or bloody stools) to call and bring him in immediately. Well by Friday he was not better so I took him in and well he is fine. They told me that this can last up to two weeks and to make sure that he does not get dehydrated or have bloody stools. Then the doctor mentioned that his head is still not rounding out. For those of you who didn't know... Dominick had torticollis (which is a stiffening of the muscle on one side of his neck) which caused him to always keep his head to the right. We has gotten much better about looking to the left but when he sleeps he very much favors his right side. So the flat spot on the right side of his head is not getting any better. We were referred to a specialist to see if he will need to be placed in a helmet. We go to see that doctor on February 23rd. Poor little guy has so many doctor appointments coming up. He sees the GI doctor tomorrow and then the specialist on the 23rd and then his 6 month check-up on March 9th. So lots of updates are coming. Wish us lots of luck for good news at the next 2 appointments.


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