Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

Ok so this weekend was probably one of the craziest weekends I have survived since becoming a "MOM". It started with Friday.... After rushing home from work (which I left late and hit pretty bad traffic) I had to get me and the baby ready to go to a family party. Since Dominick always has to look his best when we go out I had to give him a bath and find one of his cutest outfits. Then off to my Aunt and Unlce's house for the family b-day parties. Now the party started at 7:00 p.m. (for the Rodriguez Family that means we show up at 7:45p.m.) which now means we are entering Dominick's bedtime. He did pretty good and lasted till about 8:30 p.m. When I finally gave in and put him on my Aunt's bed. I kept going back and checking on him and of course he was passed out. I wish I had a picture to post of his new sleeping position but unfortunately I do not. Every night he sleeps with his seahorse. Well of course we didn't bring it with us so I go back to check on him and he is sleeping on his side (his new position) and rubbing the pillow (one of the pillows which he was surrounded by). It was so cute. Note to self... Bring seahorse if we are going to be around bedtime. Now on to crazy Saturday....We woke up early (like its an option) and Mike took Auto (dog) to get neutered. Poor guy! Then we headed off to Katelyn's birthday party at the Miami Children's Museum. I thought it was pretty cool but wasn't sure how much Dominick would really understand but man he loved it. He loved his Daddy taking him around and looking at all the different lights and noises. It was so cute to see him smiling the entire time. Pictures of that event to come soon. Sorry they are on my Mom's new camera. Then we headed off to another B-day party/Baby shower which we could only stay at for a little while because then we were off to get my step-dad and finally celebrate my Mom's b-day (Did I forget to mention at the beginning of this day it was my Mom's B-day!!!) So we finally went home and had the yummy Big Cheese for dinner and called it a night early. Oh I forgot to mention Dominick's nap time is from 12-2 p.m. which was the same time as the Museum party and there was no way that kid was going to miss out on the action. Nap Missed!!! Now off to Sunday.... I nearly missed my Aunt and Uncle's (another set) renewal of their vows and then off to the Rusty Pelican for brunch. Another nap of Dominicks missed. He did pretty good until the end he just couldnt fight his sleep anymore and finally passed out in my arms. Several Mimosas later and I am ready for my nap. It was very nice weekend spending so much time with the family this weekend. My cousins came down from Orlando and its always great to see them.


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