Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So many things.... so little time....

i am feeling so bad about my lack of blogging but i got a promotion at my job several months back and i have absolutely no spare time in my day anymore.  it's a good thing and a bad thing.  i love my new position it keeps me very busy (which i love) but it keeps me from keeping everyone updated on my son (which i hate).  i have several new photos to upload and show you how big D is getting.  hopefully i can get around to that sooner rather than later. 

now can you believe D is less than 2 weeks away from turning "1".  OMG i can't grasp this quite yet but it is true.  i have been planning his birthday party and hope that everything turns out wonderful.  i can't wait to get his personalized birthday shirt from Kacia over at Coconut Robot.  she does amazing work.  i already have a shirt for D from her and need to post pics of that asap.

D is growing and learning so much it just amazes me every day.  he can now take several steps; throw a crazy tantrum; he says ball, bath (anything that is water i.e. pool, tub, ocean etc.), nana, bo (grambo), dada, sometimes mama, don (no).  he gives awesome kisses and hugs, he shakes his head no when he knows he isn't supposed to be doing something then looks back at you for confirmation that the answer is still no.  he has an attitude!!!! i think he gets it from his father but some think he gets it from me (i don't have an attitude so i don't know what they are talking about) i actually captured this "attitude" on camera and really need to get that picture uploaded. 

so the one bad thing.... i cannot get my child to eat table food.  he will eat a few select things such as goldfish, crackers, cheerios and gerber veggie sticks, cheddar and cinnamon maple but that is it.  he will not eat anything else.  he only wants pureed baby food or a bottle.  he drinks juice and water from a sippy cup.  we see the GI doctor on the 31st and she is expecting him to be on mostly table foods but unfortunately i will have bad news for her.  hopefully she can give me some ideas.  i don't know how much of it is because he is picky and how much of it is stubbornness or that maybe he is just not ready.  we have tried everything.  i would love suggestions if anyone has them.

ok well here are some pics from a birthday party we attended a few weeks ago:

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  1. U might want 2 chat w/Tania about this cause Samantha went thru da exact same thing. I want 2 say she went thru it 4 almost a yr. I think Samantha would only eat chicken tenders.