Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update time!

Dominick now has a tooth... Finally!!!! He has been super cranky and trying to bite on everything and sure enough last Wednesday I saw a little tooth sticking out :)  I was starting to think my kid was never gonna get a tooth (ok so I exaggerate a little) but he was 10 1/2 months before the first tooth broke through.  It looks like there is definitely another one on its way and possibly another.  It's like once one comes they all start coming.

Next.... when I dropped Dom off at daycare today Mima (daycare lady) told me that yesterday Dom took 2 steps on his own.  OMG what is happening to my little baby he is growing up so fast.  It was a little sad to hear that he took his first steps without Momma being there to see but I guess that is just one of the downfalls to being a working mommy. 

I can't believe that Dom is 10 months and 3 weeks old today :(  I am planning his 1st Birthday Party and that terrifies me and excites me.  My baby is growing up so fast but I love the little boy that he is becoming.  He has an amazing personality and has this smile that you see in his eyes it is the cutest thing.  He is so funny when he plays... he always has to stop and crawl over to me and give me a hug then goes right back to playing.  He really knows how to melt my heart. 

Ok now on to some pictures...


  1. here is am, a new follower! cant wait to read more, found you through the dlist!