Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Ok so here I am trying to get back on this weekend recap thing. I haven't been doing so well at it but like I said I am going to TRY!

Friday... Rushed home from work and got Dom fed and changed, dogs walked and fed and hubby and baby loaded up in the car and off to Johanna and JC's to help (I am not a very good helper by the way) get everything finished up for their baby shower on Saturday. Got home and put me, hubbs and baby all to bed!

Saturday... Dom slept in (loved it!) got up and got Dom fed and ready and me ready to head out to Johanna and JC's Baby Shower. Had fun took no pictures but thank you Julie for taking tons of pictures. Headed home for some rest.

Sunday... Dom and I were supposed to go to Daddy's baseball game but due to the yucky weather we did not. Instead we got ready and headed out with Nana and went shopping for Daddy's b-day (O.M.G. I did not buy Dom anything for the first time since I was pregnant)then went to visit with Grammy and headed to Flannigan's to pick up dinner to go. Nana, Dom and I went in and you have to order your To Go food at the bar. Manager dude "I'm sorry you can't have a baby at the bar" Me "You shouldn't have your To Go orders at the bar". The food was yummy though. It rained all day yesterday which we needed but totally sucks when you are out and about especially with a baby. Daddy's baseball game got cancelled by the way so I don't feel so bad for not attending.

This week is going to be crazy!!! Please keep my Grammy in your thoughts and prayers as she is having heart surgery tomorrow. I love you and wish you the best. Can't wait to see you tomorrow Grammy.


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