Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Fair

Ok so the picture totally sucks and you cant tell where we are :( I am so bad at taking pictures. So now on to the story.... Last night Dominick and I joined Nana and Grambo at "The Fair" it was actually Dominick's 2nd time there as we went last thursday with Daddy and some of my friends and family. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures that time (told you I was really bad). Well we don't go to the county fair for the rides anymore or should I say yet (for Dominick) I love to go and eat all the yummy food (which is not good for the diet that I am trying to be on), Nana goes to play games which Dominick is holding one of her 3 winnings. She is really good at the games. The dogs seemed a little disappointed when I was showing Daddy what Nana won for Dominick because Nana used to always give her winnigs to them. There is a new kid in town now pups and he is takin over! So back to our Fair trip. Last week it was so packed that we could barely move the stroller around without running into people this time it was so nice it was not crowded at all. Dominick seemed to really enjoy it both times because there are so many lights and all new different things for him to look at. We stayed out well past his bed time both times and he did end up falling asleep at the very end. He is such a trooper!


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