Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...

So I have been M.I.A. for a little while.  Life has been a little on the crazy side.  I have been super busy at work and then I get home and chase the monster a.k.a. Dominick around and by the time he goes to sleep so does Mommy.  It also doesn't help that we have been passing a lovely cold around the house.  First Dom gets sick then its me, then Nana, Grambo, Dom, Daddy etc.  It has been crazy.  I am the lucky one that is battling this cold again and I feel beyond horrible.  I am TRYING to keep my distance from Dom but easier said than done.  I just really don't want him to get this AGAIN.

So a few updates.... Dom has another cousin, Mia Isabella was born May 29th.  She is beautiful and so tiny.  Dom welcomed her by trying to eat her feet.  I really miss Dom being that small and it is so hard to remember him ever being that little.  Before I couldn't take my eyes off of him because I wanted to make sure he was breathing now I can't take my eye off of him because he is into EVERYTHING.  He is crawling around like Speedy Gonzalez.  He is in a funky stage right now where he screams A LOT.  He screams because he is happy and laughing then he screams because he wants something then he is screaming because he is pissed.  I think this is my least favorite stage so far.

Dominick has been fully switched off of Soy formula and onto regular milk based formula and is tolerating it great.  We tried to stop the Prevacid but that was not a success.  Dominick is now eating stage 3 breakfast and some stage 3 veggies but he HATES stage 3 dinners.  He throws the spoon out of my hand and screams bloody murder if we try and give him stage 3 dinners it is so weird.  He also is not a fan of the Gerber Puffs or any of the Gerber snacks.  He loves Goldfish and Cheerios.  We are trying to work with him on drinking from a sippy cup but he doesn't seem to interested.  He thinks it is a toy. 

Trying to change his diaper or clothes... totally not an easy task anymore.  He does not want to stay still.  When we change his diaper he wants to roll over sit up or stand up and he tries to take the diaper off as I am putting it on.  Sometimes I am lucky to even get it half on before he tears if off and we have to start all over again.  Getting him dressed and undressed... WOW the screams that come out of this kid you would think he was being beaten or something.  It is crazy.  I definitely have my hands full with this booger.

Dominick has developed such a personality now and is just the most amazing little boy (maybe I am bias but he is damn cute).  Pictures to come soon promise!

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  1. Hello...I have definitely missed reading updates but totally understand why! I know what you mean about the screaming stage, Seraya has been doing that alot too! And when I change her, she hates it too...she screams as if I am hurting her!!! I have to make the silliest faces and noises just to distract her enough to get the job done! Anyway, I will be looking forward to the pics and I hope you feel better soon!